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ATTN: RefreshBlocker for Firefox - Can you please add an option to this awesome Add-on to be able to access the 'Options' from the "Contextual Menu" or "Status Bar Icon" or atleast a faster way to add a site to the 'White-list / Black-list' other-than having to ...Open Add-ons, then finding this Add-on in the list, then 'clicking Options' & then finally adding the site you desire to our lists??!??? Please. Pretty Please.
2013-09-29 05:35
ATTN: RefreshBlocker for Firefox
2013-05-12 21:01
Please remove the message from here. Date and time were 2013-05-04 20:37(Hello, My name is Tamir ). Sorry for previous comment.
2013-05-04 20:37
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